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About Bart

The Alchemical Chef


Connection, creativity in the moment on the spot with beautiful local products of the season


Bart's sense of adventure brought him to Costa Rica in the mid 90's. With a passion for cooking, he built a restaurant and small hotel here and operated it for years. Although Bart has set up and helped set up various companies in the travel industry, brokerage and import / export, cooking has always been a recurring element in his life.

Bart's passion for cooking lies in the “alchemy” that food preparation entails. Within a kitchen, it is the ingredients that transform into a dish, and the preparation is linked to the transformation that can take place in people with the help of the presentation of a dish, with an atmosphere setting, with an authentic connection and hospitality.

Obviously, awareness, health and food go together in such an alchemy.


Bart's culinary journey started with Indonesian, Thai and Oriental fusion cooking. In Portugal he got involved with Mediterranean cuisines, immediately captivated by artisan products produced with passion.


In the Netherlands he has studied food and health, orthomolecular principles and has now come to nutrition, awareness and creative processes, pure fresh local products. Bart teaches inspirational cooking in workshops, organizes organic catering and hires out as a cook at retreat locations.

Cooking with what is available "at the moment" is typical, without a recipe. This way of “instant” cooking best connects place, people and the energy work that takes place. It goes without saying that the aim is always to prepare titillating food.

Barts' Culinary life course


Costa Rica / sweet, salty, spicy, sour

  • Restaurant Balcón de Uvita built and managed with a focus on balance between sweet, salt, spicy and sour (Oriental menu)


Algarve Portugal / Mediterranean, traditional, taste of pure ingredients


Panama Boca Chica / Italian, ingredients rule, how pure can it get?


Netherlands / Healthy food, orthomolecular, lifestyle, awareness and connection with food

  • Cook/chef in various restaurants

  • Founder GezondBewust

  • Owner The Alchemical Kitchen; retreat chef, special and healthy catering, workshops, “food projects”

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