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From January 2019, the Alchemical Chef offers various workshops. The inspiration cooking workshop teaches participants about “cooking in the moment” without a recipe, with ingredients that are not known in advance. But there's more.

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Bart connects your retreat goal with organic and balanced meals.

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The Alchemical Kitchen connects with events in which food is an integral part of the experience. Hire the Alchemical Chef at your own event.

From January 2019, The Alchemical Kitchen organizes its own events.

Keep an eye on the calendar!


The Alchemical Kitchen stands for conscious and healthy choices in food consumption and production. Naturally, we cook with organic products, produced with love, locally and in season.

A vision that we would like to share and have you experience. So 1 +1 becomes a lot.

Please contact for advice, questions and collaborations.


The Alchemical Kitchen organizes 3 workshops in collaboration with the Sheepfold in Orvelte and with other chefs. All workshops focus on how to deal consciously with animals, the environment and sustainability. Included is a walk on the heath with the shepherd, his herd of Schoonebeekers and his dogs. The workshops are part of the SUSTAINABLE DRENTHE project.

To be reserved on this site in 2020:

Sausage making workshop / EUR 85 pp (minimum 8 persons)

Ideal for small groups, company outings, family and friends. Can be booked individually via the event calendar.

Chef Ettore di Carlo is an Italian chef who shares his passion for craft like no other. In this workshop you will learn why a good sausage is more expensive, you make fresh Italian sausage and Merquez sausages from mutton. Of course you bring some sausages to share at home.


Workshop black box cooking with sheep / EUR 65 pp (minimum 8 p)

Chef Bart ten Kate teaches and shows you how to cook with what's in the moment. Organic seasonal crops  grown in the immediate vicinity. Fresh, healthy, never from a package, lots of vegetables, salads and of course the Schoonebeeker Sheep.

This workshop can also be booked without sheep and at other locations.


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The Alchemical Kitchen has a lot of experience with vegetarian and vegan cooking and also has a lot of affinity with orthomolecular principles, bodily warming / cooling food. Bart aims to an experience enjoying gluten free or lactose free meals, healthy, delicious, pure and happy.

Before hiring “the Alchemical chef” it is best to contact us to communicate your wishes and ideas. Standard included in retreats is  breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee, tea and snacks. Sometimes retrait locations have own stock or garden, sometimes purchasing must be done.

The Alchemical Chef works with a basic rate per half day excluding purchasing and additional costs.


The Alchemical Chef offers the option of including the workhop inspiration cooking within your retreat / event.

Contact us for a quote or specific questions.

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